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Kuwait Coverage
Kuwait telecom companies: Zain, Ooredoo, STC

World Coverage Except USA & Canada

World Wide Coverage
CountryCountry CodeOperator
Bahrain973Batelco (BHR Mobile Plus)
Bahrain973Viva (STC)
Bahrain973Zain (MTC Vodafone)
Oman968Omantel (Oman Mobile)
Oman968Ooredoo (Nawras, Qatari, Qtel)
Qatar974Ooredoo (Q-Tel, Qatar Telecom)
Saudi Arabia966Mobily (Etihad Etisalat)
Saudi Arabia966STC (Al Jawal, Saudi Telecom)
Saudi Arabia966Zain (MTC)
United Arab Emirates971du (EITC)
United Arab Emirates971Etisalat
Bhutan975B-Mobile (Bhutan Telecom)
China86China Mobile
China86China Telecom
China86China Unicom (United Netw.)
China86Netcom (CNC)
Georgia995Beeline (Mobitel)
Georgia995Geocell (TeliaSonera)
Hong Kong852China Citic
Hong Kong852China Mobile HK (Peoples Telephone)
Hong Kong852China Motion (MVNO CSL)
Hong Kong852China Unicom Int. (MVNO Hutchison 3G)
Hong Kong852CSL (Telstra)
Hong Kong852Hutchison 3G
Hong Kong852New World Mobility (MVNO CSL)
Hong Kong852PCCW (Hong Kong Telecom)
Hong Kong852SmarTone (Vodafone)
Hong Kong852Truphone
India91Aircel - Andhra Pradesh
India91Aircel - Chennai
India91Aircel - Delhi
India91Aircel - Karnataka
India91Aircel - Kerala
India91Aircel - Kolkata
India91Aircel - Maharashtra
India91Aircel - Mumbai
India91Aircel - Tamil Nadu
India91Aircel Digilink - Haryana
India91Aircel Digilink - Rajasthan
India91Aircel Digilink - Uttar Pradesh East
India91Aircel Digilink - Uttar Pradesh West
India91Bharti Airtel - Andhra Pradesh
India91Bharti Airtel - Chennai
India91Bharti Airtel - Delhi
India91Bharti Airtel - Gujarat
India91Bharti Airtel - Haryana
India91Bharti Airtel - Himachal Pradesh
India91Bharti Airtel - Karnataka
India91Bharti Airtel - Kerala
India91Bharti Airtel - Kolkata
India91Bharti Airtel - Madhya Pradesh
India91Bharti Airtel - Maharashtra
India91Bharti Airtel - Mumbai
India91Bharti Airtel - North East India
India91Bharti Airtel - Punjab
India91Bharti Airtel - Rajasthan
India91Bharti Airtel - TamilNadu
India91Bharti Airtel - Uttar Pradesh East
India91Bharti Airtel - Uttar Pradesh West
India91BPL Cellular - Kerala
India91BPL Cellular - Maharashtra
India91BPL Cellular - TamilNadu
India91BPL Mobile - Mumbai
India91BSNL - Andhra Pradesh
India91BSNL - Assam
India91BSNL - Bihar & Jharkhand
India91BSNL - Chennai
India91BSNL - Gujarat
India91BSNL - Haryana
India91BSNL - Himachal Pradesh
India91BSNL - Jammu & Kashmir
India91BSNL - Karnataka
India91BSNL - Kerala
India91BSNL - Kolkata
India91BSNL - Madhya Pradesh
India91BSNL - Maharashtra
India91BSNL - North East India
India91BSNL - Orissa
India91BSNL - Punjab
India91BSNL - Rajastan
India91BSNL - TamilNadu
India91BSNL - Uttar Pradesh East
India91BSNL - West Bengal An.Ni.
India91Dishnet Wireless Ltd. - Assam
India91Dishnet Wireless Ltd. - Bihar & Jharkhand
India91Dishnet Wireless Ltd. - Himachal Pradesh
India91Dishnet Wireless Ltd. - Jammu & Kashmir
India91Dishnet Wireless Ltd. - North East India
India91Dishnet Wireless Ltd. - Orissa
India91Dishnet Wireless Ltd. - West Bengal An.Ni.
India91Escorts Coms - Himachal Pradesh
India91Escorts Coms - Rajasthan
India91Escorts Coms - Uttar Pradesh East
India91Fascel - Gujarat
India91Hutchison Telecom - Kolkata
India91Idea Cellular - Andhra Pradesh
India91Idea Cellular - Assam
India91Idea Cellular - Bihar
India91Idea Cellular - Delhi
India91Idea Cellular - Gujarat
India91Idea Cellular - Jammu&Kashmir
India91Idea Cellular - Kolkata
India91Idea Cellular - Madhya Pradesh
India91Idea Cellular - Maharashta
India91Idea Cellular - Mumbai

Updated: July-2024

Total: 1,053

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