Pre-Sales Questions (16)

All you need to know about our services.

Absolutely, registration is free and we encourage it. Sign up and test our services and do API integration and testing before you pay for credits or Sender ID.
Contact us and we will activate your account manually.
Sender ID is the name that appears to the recepient instead of a normal number (Originator name instead of number). It can be maximum 11 characters English and is case sensitive (can include: "-", ".", " "). Sender IDs cannot be in Arabic.
Promotional senderid is for sending bulk sms, one message to many numbers.
Transactional senderid for is sending single sms, one message to one number.
You cannot use Transactional senderid in promotions or bulk sms. Not allowed by telecom companies regulations. if you do! you will pay penalties and face permenant block.
Transactional senderids are whitelisted like banks. So even if a person asked him telecom company not to receive promotional sms (DND/blacklisted) he will still receive the sms from Transactional senderid.
Yes. Only, companies allowed to register a Sender ID. (Individual names only allowed during elections) You can buy a private Sender ID for one time fee, and use it forever for Kuwait networks. Sender ID/Originator for outside Kuwait cost varies depending on the country. Also, activation takes much longer, 1-2 months, sometimes longer. Sender ID activation not guaranteed and subject to telecom rules.
Sender ID registration take 5 working days, sometimes more. Sender ID/Originator for outside Kuwait, activation takes much longer, 1-2 months, sometimes longer.
Companies must print and sign/stamp special forms (provided by kwtsms) and submit their company license and civil id, for approval by telecom companies. Sender ID approval not guaranteed and subject to telecom rules.
We follow international GSM standard.
Page Arabic or Unicode
SMS Characters
SMS Characters
1 70 x 1 = 70 160 x 1 = 160
2 67 x 2 = 134 153 x 2 = 306
3 67 x 3 = 201 153 x 3 = 459
4 67 x 4 = 268 153 x 4 = 612
5 67 x 5 = 335 153 x 5 = 765
6 67 x 6 = 402 153 x 6 = 918
7 67 x 7 = 469 153 x 7 = 1071
8 67 x 8 = 536 153 x 8 = 1224
9 67 x 9 = 603 153 x 9 = 1377
10 67 x 10 = 670 153 x 10 = 1530
If you add one Arabic character to the message, it is counted as Arabic message.
Our systems currently can handle one message with 7 parts/pages maximum.
No. Any sent SMS must use Public or Private senderid. Your mobile number is private and only used to login and manage your account and to recover you password. In Kuwait, it is not allowed to have numeric senderid when A2P. Anonymous sms.
Contact us and we'll be happy to send you an official quotaion by email.
You can pay your invoices using KNET (Kuwait debit cards), Cheques, Bank transfer or Western Union.
Registration and testing is FREE. We only charge for SMS credits and Sender ID registration. No contracts or hidden fees. We do not offer programming or integration services, we provide the tools necessary for you.
Each SMS message costs ONE point for all networks and all distinations.
Credit/Point 1=1 SMS
First, register/signup then login to your account and "Request API access", we will activate the API on your account. Then you can start the integration and testing process for free. If all is good, buy credits and SenderId then go live.
No. We do not have or provide lists for marketing. You must use/provide your own numbers.
No contracts to sign, paperwork or delays. Just choose your package and pay for it. No limits on sending or purchases. No expiray date. No hidden costs.

How To Questions (11)

Common questions from current customers.

Click on "Buy Credits" choose the package you need then pay for it online through BoxLink.NET. We will recharge your account immediatly.
After you register, login to your account and "Request API access" we will activate the API on your account on the same day. After activation you can donwload the documentation from your account and start integration and testing.
Sender IDs cannot be changed. You can only register/buy a new senderid if you want to change it.
Numbers should not have letters or symbols. You must add the country code without + or 00, the mobile should be like: 96599220322
Follow the steps below using excel or notepad:
  1. Sort the numbers, remove wrong ones (less than 8 numbers).
  2. Add the country code to the numbers 96599220322.
  3. If you want to add name with numbers, fill the first cell (A Column) with the name and the second cell (B Column) with the mobile number (Example file: click here).
  4. If you want to add numbers only, fill the first cell (A Column) the mobile number (Example file: .csv | .txt).
  5. The file must be saved as .csv in excel (Comma seperated/delimeted MSDOS) OR as .txt in notepad.
  6. Import the file in the "Numbers" page after you login to your account.
Please follow the steps below before you contact us:
  1. Check the Sending Queue, your message could be stock for some reason, delete it and your account will be credited back.
  2. Check the Archive, if your message is NOT in the Archive that means you did not send it.
  3. Check the numbers, open the message from the Archive and make sure the numbers are in the list and correct.
  4. Finally, check the delivery reports (DLR) usually appears after 24 hours of sending the message. Delivery reports available at the bottom of the message when you view it from the Archive. Note that some numbers can be blacklisted/filtered by the owner request.
  5. Rearly, a delay happens due to marketing campaigns or busy seasons.
  6. If the number is in DND list (blacklist) and you are using promotional senderid, your message will be filtered (not delivered).
  7. Still need help? contact us with the following information: Name, Account, MessageID, Time&Date of message, Message Text.
Delivery reports (DLR) usually take 24 hours to be updated.
Blacklists are filters put by the telecom company to protect their cusotmers from spam and advertising. The owner of the number asks his telecom company to be on this list, then he will not receive any messages unless from whitelisted Sender IDs. Only the owner of the number can ask to be removed from the list by calling his telecom company.
If you send critical and activation messages and need them to be delivered to everyone even Blacklisted numbers, then you must apply for whitelisting your Sender ID. Prepare a request with your company letterhead and send it to us, we will take care of the rest. (Example Letter)
For whatever reason you need to change your mobile number on the account (disconnected,changed,transfered,sold), contact us then send your Civil ID and old and new numbers. We will take care of the rest.
Use the forgot your password page, if you still having trouble and not receiving your password by SMS, contact us.
Unused credits can be refunded in 30 days from purchase. SenderID orders cannot be refunded after registration/activation. Contact us by email, and request a refund. Identification is required to issue a refund (Civil-ID or Passport). Refunds can take up to 7 days to process.


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