What is SMS Sender ID?

SMS Senderid

The Sender ID, or the SMS Originator or sender name, is the name or number displayed on your mobile device that identifies who sent the text message. Think about it as the name or number you see before you even read the message.

There are three types of Sender IDs (or from addresses):

  • Alphanumeric. An example, "BubbleTea24"
  • Long numbers. An example of a long number is 96599220322.
  • Shortcodes. An example of a shortcode is 12302

Alphanumeric sender IDs allow you to brand your messages with a company or product name which will be used in your outgoing SMS and it appears at the top of the text message conversations.

It makes text messages look professional and trustworthy, so folks feel safe when they open them.

Now, let's explore the various types of SMS Sender IDs.

Types of SMS Sender IDs

There are two main types of SMS Sender IDs used in SMS marketing: Promotional and Transactional. Each type serves a specific purpose in reaching customers and engaging with them effectively.

Understanding the differences between these sender IDs is important for businesses looking to optimize their SMS marketing strategies.


Promotional senderids are for sending bulk SMS messages. Broadcast one message to many numbers. Using private sender IDs in promotional text messages is important for making your brand or business stand out and trustworthy so more people will open and read your messages.

It's also important to send promotional texts periodically when there are time-sensitive things going on, so that using custom sender IDs can have a big impact on the audience you're targeting.


Transactional senderids are for sending single SMS message, one message to one number at a time. They are used for sending important and time-sensitive notifications like order confirmations, delivery updates, appointment reminders, critical alerts and one time passwords (OTP).

Using these sender IDs can help build trust with customers by providing critical information quickly. Transactional sender IDs are whitelisted and bypass Do Not Disturb lists (DND/blacklist).

Using transactional sender IDs for promotional messages may lead to financial penalties and permeant ban, because it is against the regulatory rules.

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Kuwait's Sender ID rules and regulations

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To comply with regulations in Kuwait, all sender IDs must be approved in advance and linked to a verified company. Pre-registration is required. Company must submit the required forms and valid commercial license to be approved by the network operators.
Sender ID approval is not guaranteed and subject to network operator rules.
Kuwait mobile network providers (MNOs) do not support Dynamic Sender ID.

Senderid name rules:

  • Sender IDs can be 11 characters max English alphanumeric including space, dash and dot
  • Sender IDs cannot be in Arabic or Unicode.
  • Sender IDs are CASE SENSITIVE, so kuwait != KUWAIT
  • Sender IDs can be business or product name, cannot be individual/person names
  • Default, generic and landline/mobile number sender IDs are not allowed by Kuwait network operators
  • No refunds after registration/activation of the sender IDs

It's important to adhere to all regulatory guidelines related to SMS Sender IDs to establish customer trust and prevent legal issues.

How to register private Sender ID in Kuwait?

In Kuwait, you can buy a custom Sender ID for one time fee, and use it forever in kwtSMS platform or SMS API. The registration process takes 5 working days, sometimes more or less.

For other countries, registration requirements and cost varies depending on the country. Also, activation takes much longer, 1-2 months, sometimes longer.

Kuwait Sender ID registration requirements

Companies must print and sign/stamp the required forms (provided by kwtSMS after SenderID order) then scan and submit it and attach their company license and civil id, for approval by telecom companies. Note, that digital signature or digital stamp not allowed. Sender ID approval not guaranteed and subject to network operator rules.

What are the limitations of SMS Sender IDs?

Although there are many advantages to using a branded sender ID, it's essential to be aware of the potential limitations. Here are some of the main drawbacks:

  • Restrictions - Depending on the country and service provider, you may be restricted in terms of what type of sender IDs you can use. Some countries have regulations restricting certain symbols or characters from being used in sender IDs.
  • Time - Setting up a branded sender ID often involves completing multiple steps and verifying ownership, which can take time and require additional resources.
  • Cost - Depending on the service provider, businesses may incur extra costs when registering a customized sender ID. Some providers may charge extra to make changes or update an existing sender ID.
  • Reply Issues - Customers may have difficulty replying to messages sent with a branded/private sender ID, as they need to add an extra character before responding. Depending on the service provider, businesses may need to whitelist replies or provide a different address for customers to reply without issues.
  • Spoofing -Businesses should be aware of potential spoofing threats when using branded sender IDs. Although illegal in most countries, criminals can still find ways to misrepresent their identities and take advantage of unsuspecting users.

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Benefits of Sender ID in SMS MarketingA smartphone displaying a branded SMS message surrounded by digital marketing graphics with cityscape photography in the background.

SMS Sender ID is crucial in SMS marketing as it improves brand recognition, increases open rates, and builds trust and credibility with customers. It also allows for personalization of messages and ensures regulatory compliance.

Improves brand recognition and visibility

When you use an SMS Sender ID, it shows your brand's name when you send texts. They'll start to remember your business better.

This service puts your name right where customers can see it often. With every message, they link good thoughts to your business. It's like sending a mini billboard straight into their hands! Regularly seeing your brand helps make sure they pick you over others because of that trust and recognition.

Increases open rates

When you send a text message with a familiar name, more people will open it. This happens because people like to read texts from names they recognize. Using private Sender ID means better chances for businesses to connect with their audience through text messages (SMS).

Builds trust and credibility

By using a recognizable sender ID in our messages, builds assurance and reliability, which is crucial for maintaining strong connections with your customers.

When customers see a familiar sender ID associated with your brand, they are more likely to confidently engage with the message, knowing it's from a trusted source. This level of trust helps solidify our brand image and reinforces positive relationships with your audience.

Enhances customer loyalty

By using personalized sender IDs, businesses can create a more personable and trusted relationship with their customers, leading to increased loyalty and brand recognition. With SMS marketing and promotions, businesses can directly reach their target audience and provide them with exclusive offers, further solidifying their customer base.

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1. How much does a Sender ID cost in Kuwait?

Kuwait senderid registration costs KD 10 one time fee. Buy once and use forever.

2. Can I register multiple Sender ID's on my account?

Yes, you can have an many sender IDs as you like in one account or copy them in different accounts.

3. Why SMS traffic from international companies does not reach Kuwait?

Kuwait network operators have strict rules. You must use pre-registered senderid. This is why messages from international SMS companies does not work in Kuwait. Companies like: twilio, bulksms, infobip, clickatell, and many others. It is best to work with local SMS provider in Kuwait like kwtSMS to guarantee delivery.

4. Can I reply to texts from all types of SMS Sender IDs?

You can reply to some kinds like toll-free numbers and two-way communication shortcodes, but with things like one-time passwords (OTPs) sent from an automated system, you might not be able to answer back.

5. Is it okay for someone to use spoofed SMS Sender IDs?

No, it's illegal! Spoofing is when fraudsters fake the sender ID to trick people into thinking they got a message from someone else - like fake websites or call centers - which is part of scams called smishing.

6. How do phones deal with spammy SMS messages?

Phones and telecom companies use anti-spam filters that check incoming texts. If they seem shady or come from spoofed numbers, these filters may stop them so you won't see those messages.

7. Can I set my own mobile number as the sender ID?

Mobile or landline numbers are not allowed to be registered as Sender IDs in Kuwait. Brands prefers Alphanumeric sender IDs because they are easy for people to remember and they show it's really the company texting them which increases trust and loyalty.

8. What happens if I get an SMS that looks real but asks for personal info?

Be careful! That could be SMS phishing where scammers send texts pretending to be real companies asking for your details - don't click any links and never share personal info over text.