How can upload my numbers?

Three ways to add your numbers to address book:

1. Manually, 10 numbers each time.
2. Bulk upload from a file.
3. Bulk upload from a list.

Login to your kwtSMS account, and click on "Add Numbers"

General instructions:
Numbers should not have letters or symbols.
You must add the country code without + or 00, the mobile should be like: 96599220322 for Kuwait

Follow the steps below using excel or notepad:
1. Sort the numbers, remove wrong ones (less than 8 numbers).
2. Add the country code to the numbers 96599220322.
3. If you want to add name with numbers, fill the first cell (A Column) with the name and the second cell (B Column) with the mobile number (Example file: click here).
4. If you want to add numbers only, fill the first cell (A Column) the mobile number (Example file: .csv | .txt).
5. The file must be saved as .csv in excel (Comma separated/delimited MSDOS) OR as .txt in notepad.
6. Import the file in the "Add Numbers" page after you login to your account.

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