Acceptable Usage Policy

If you do not agree on all or part of this policy, then you are not allowed to use site services.

Acceptable Use policy for

The company/website, is referred to Center. The customer, is you, the user of this service and website.

By using this website, you agree to use it only for legitimate purposes, acknowledging full responsibility for the content of the messages you send.
You will refrain from sending or broadcasting any material through this website that may: violate or infringe upon the rights of others, hinder or prevent their use of this website, involve unlawful activities, constitute a threat, defamation, harassment, or intimidation, violate the privacy of others or their copyright rights, contain obscene language, insult Islam or sacred entities, violate their sanctity, or for any other unacceptable reason, or encourage the commission of a crime or involve a violation of any law.

The company is not responsible for the non-delivery of messages to contacts for any reasons related to network issues, number rejections, or senderid block by telecom companies. The customer is not entitled to claim compensation for undelivered messages. The company is not responsible for service interruptions due to reasons beyond its control. For example but not limited to: Telecom company system interruptions/maintenance, Internet outage, cable cut, natural disasters, etc.
We will do our best to keep the customer informed of such incidents.

There is a list of names that cannot be used as a sender's name, for example: ZAIN, Ooredoo, KFH, NBK, etc. The system will automatically reject them if used as a sender's name. Impersonation of any individual or company without leniency will result in warnings and penalties. The penalty may include account closure without refund of any paid amount.

The website is not responsible for message delays or losses in the following cases:

- Incorrect mobile numbers.
- Incorrect selection of gateway (destination) or senderID.
- Unavailability of SMS service or language used, or incompatibility with the recipient's mobile.
- Lack of mobile network coverage in the recipient's location or outside the coverage area or number in DND/blacklist.
- The customer is not entitled to claim a refund for the senderid name registration fee, whether the account is active or canceled.

The website has the right, without stating reasons, to reject any person's registration request. The website also has the right to close any account, and any remaining balance of paid messages, if any, will be refunded.

In case of non-compliance with any of the above conditions, the website has the right to close the user's account without refunding any paid balance, if any, and without prior notice.

If you do not agree on all or part of this policy, then you are not allowed to use site services.

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