Sender ID

How to use Sender ID

You may use the Sender ID option as follows:

Inside Kuwait:

  • 1 Free Sender IDs: Sender IDs for all Kuwait Messages (Zain, Wataniya, VIVA).
  • Paid Sender ID: You may buy a sender ID with 10 KD and we can activate it in 5 business days or more [Order Sender ID Now!].
  • Note, after payment made for SenderID, refund cannot be given for any reason.

The following are the business rules for Sender ID acceptance:

  • Sender ID can not be a landline/mobile number
  • Sender ID can be a hotline number. For example, 1801801. The company/individual requesting such a Sender ID must provide an official letter and documentation.
  • Sender ID can be a website name. (Example:
  • Sender ID can be a family name. (Example: AlGhanim) Personal must provide Civil ID same as the family name.
  • Sender ID can have a family name with first name initials. (Example: F.AlGhanim
  • Sender ID can not be name only. (Example: Fadi, Fahed, Bu Nabil, etc. It should be followed by family name initials
  • Sender ID can not be a nickname. (Example: ilta3ban, la3ub, etc.
  • Sender ID can not be a noun. (Example: Election, Promotion, Message, etc. It must be followed by or preceded with an adjective
  • Sender ID can not be offensive language, even for foreign languages
  • Sender ID can not be numbers with no meaning.
  • Sender ID can not be start with special characters such as !, @, #, $, %,..etc.

Outside Kuwait (Other Countries):

  • Use same Sender ID for Kuwait.